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TheRealKram420's Blog: 5 weeks off.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

5 weeks off.

Haven't taken a hand in FIVE WEEKS! Enjoyed a short trip up north to enjoy the change of seasons, quality time with the misses and watched an old friend get hitched. Upon returning home it was home-entertainment, books and gardening.

I've turned into a 65 year old lady it seems.

Passion. Need some of that. More-so than that; it seems -- is money. Unfortunately in this little business of mine having and maintaining a bankroll is important. Coming up with any sort of excuse as to why I have allowed to let my liquid roll slip through my fingers would be nothing less than that of .... an excuse; which is like an asshole -- everyone has got one and I seem to be a big one as of late.

Stimulant intake has been decreased to none. Spontaneous thoughts of wanting to let loose and bender off have been drastically decreased. At times I wonder if my lack of work ethic is in part due to losing my vices. Though I dream of picking up a healthy fitness and sleep lifestyle and hopefully increase my poker profits.

Truly I simply need to get to the bank -- grab a few buy ins and start pumping in some hours here at the local card room and then begin branching out.  Scout out a few fun tournament venues over the course of the next few months that seem not only profitable but exciting.

Life is good. Start looking at every micro-blessing rather than the dread and dreary.
Life is good. Count your blessings.
Life is good. Remember this is a GIFT not a grind! Being able to play a game for a living was always the goal.


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