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TheRealKram420's Blog: Update. Re-focus. Fresh Start.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Update. Re-focus. Fresh Start.

Human-begins are habitual beings. I, personally; have begun to create some poor habits over the years. No need to dwell on those as I find myself jamming words into this wordpress box in order to set a new MSE standard.

Those standards being:

I will do light exercise upon waking up each and every day. Why? For once, not due to my ego -- but simply because it has a slew of benefits that increase my overall life long longevity and happiness. It's important. Do it.

I will log more hours at the poker tables, than I will in any online game. Why? Need I say more? My gaming hours need to include working on my twitch channel, creating a youtube travel channel or other hobby/money making ideas/things.

I will not take drugs. Explanation not necessary.

I've ground a lot. I will have to grind more. That's my job; it doesn't have to be nec. but it has to be done -- find your inner guide spirit vulcan and fucking get it done.

Your future self will thank you!

With all the love and respect one can possibly write and express to oneself,



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